Monday, December 17, 2012

We're Gonna Live!

So even though the world isn't going to end in 4 days, I know that some people will be acting a fool when this Friday comes. I'm not trying to bash on all of your dreams if you believe we're all going to die, but we're not going to die. Besides, even if we were, I'd be more afraid of all the crazy people doing idiotic things because they think "oh what the heck, I'm gonna die anyways! YOLO!" Ha... right. Last thing I need is someone coming up to me talking about some "YOLO" and shooting me in the face thinking they're going to get away with it. I don't think so. It makes me curious to see how barbaric the world is going to act on the 21st; it's too bad I can't stay out of the chaos by ditching school and sitting at home all day. 

With Christmas coming up (if we make it to Christmas) I have a few ideas for gifts I'd love to get for my family and friends. I would like for them to have some meaning behind them instead of just picking out a random piece of jewelry that no one will ever wear a week after Christmas. I won't post the ideas just yet, just in case I have some wandering eyes spying on my blog :P One thing I will mention though is this Prince vinyl. 

I would really love to find this vinyl. I just don't know where to look! I'm really iffy about ordering things online so I can cross that off of my list of Do's. Does anyone have any idea where I can find this? Info would be greatly appreciated :)

Lesson of the day
Do what makes you happy. Think later. 

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