Monday, December 3, 2012

A New Beginning

I find it hilarious that I stop blogging... and then start blogging again around my birthday every year. I turn 18 in February, and I am trying to make that transition from supposed-to-be-reckless-teenager to a young lady that has this mysterious yet adventurous vibe to her (me). I want to change! But at the same time still hold on to what I am and what I'm about, which, obviously won't EVER change. I would say you'd probably know this by now but I actually went ahead and deleted ALL of my previous posts, which I am starting to regret. I guess it's just out with the old and in with the new, right? I guess a formal introduction for my new blog would be appropriate, so....

My name is       ! Maybe one day I'll reveal my identity but that day is not today! I am currently 17 and struggling to make it past my senior year of high school, I am employed, I love to write, sing, laugh, and love. I have a passion (sort of) for American Sign Language (ASL), I breathe music. I have a very adventurous imagination that runs away without me... haha. On a serious note, I am living with this magical brain condition that gives me super brain powers which enables me to move things around using my mind! It's CRAZY! It's called Hydrocephalus, and no, it unfortunately does not give me any magical brain powers of any sort, maybe just magical headaches because they magically appear out of nowhere. That's about as magical as it gets. It was caused by a brain tumor called a low-grade glioma. I had surgery in April of 2012, they had to speed up the process or else I would've went blind. Unfortunately they did not remove the tumor because they cannot get to it, for it is in an extremely sensitive spot in my brain. WOOOOO!

Enough with the serious business though, that's no fun to talk about. I suppose this shall suffice for a second first blog post :) 

Lesson of the Day: 
Be better than you were yesterday.

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