Saturday, January 5, 2013

Too Perfect.

Is there such a thing as perfect? Or better yet, too perfect? I suppose that every relationship starts out that way, everything is too good to be true and what not, but sometimes things last, and are just naturally amazing. That's exactly what I think this is. It seems just way too perfect, but I have a feeling it's real. 

I've met someone who is incredibly amazing. Everything I look for in a guy, he has. There's only one thing stopping me from believing that he's my dream guy, but I just have to wait and figure it out later. He's a gentleman, he talks like he's pulled straight out of the past, he seems like someone who's trustworthy, he's not one of those guys that just want to get in your pants. He's respectful, I love that! We have a lot in common, which is always good, but we're different at the same time. Everything happened just so weird; we met at the perfect time, which makes me believe so much more in fate. Everything really does happen for a reason, you just have to have the patience to figure out what the reason truly is. 

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PurpleMist. said...

You're lucky to find someone like that!